A-Shoulder-To-Lean-OnBrunch Painting Dr. Jonathan Knight appreciates the opportunity to present to you a collection of fine art original paintings, limited and open edition prints, giclées, and fine art coffee-table book titled The Creativity of Jonathan Knight, A Visual Dialogue. Dr. Jonathan Knight's mission is to provide the highest quality of fine art available, share his creative vision with all interested viewers and collectors, and continue educating and informing art enthusiasts about collecting, supporting and appreciating fine art of all kinds.

Extraordinary paintings happen because an artist has a sense of self. There is consistency in the work, that vibrates with life, and exhibits an understanding of the medium. The visual experience entices the viewer and draws them deep into the painting, whether it is of the familiar or yet unexplored. Dr. Jonathan Knight paints the familiar, as well as the unfamiliar. His observations and ability to capture the moment offer a glimpse of his personal vision, inner thoughts and life.

“My paintings are allegorical in nature, and I am continuously inspired when they emotionally touch a viewer; that in combination with a few other positives makes creativity the ultimate joy. In my paintings, I am continuously observing and visually expressing life, people, objects and their surrounding energies.”

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